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It doesn’t matter if you use articles for gaining backlinks in order to get higher search engine rankings or you use articles for content for your website, we could all use a little helping hand along the way. I’m no exception to the rule myself and if there’s something out there that’s going to make things that little bit easier for me I will certainly going to welcome it.

Lets face it.. getting higher search engine results is difficult enough without the added pain of spending hours writing articles and then doing some backlink strategy to find that at the end of it all, it hasn’t worked.

Google and the other search engines make no secret of the fact that they base their search results on the number of backlinks you have pointing back to your website. There are other fatcors too but this is one of the main contributing ones.

It’s not such a problem getting backlinks but it’s the quality and where you get them from that can make a huge difference to your sites ranking. The search engines are no pushover and if you rely on a couple of resources and link from the same old sites over and over again, you are definitely going to find life a struggle.

So, the plan would be, grab yourself some unique content, get it on the internet and start to build some, good quality backlinks to get your website right up there in the search engines where it should be.

The plan I use is the Backlink Blueprint Video Course from Matt Carter of Rapid Rewriter.

In the Backlink Blueprint video course which is offered as a bonus with the Rapid Rewriter software, you will learn every single effective backlinking technique that Matt Carter uses (and I mean effective, NOT junk methods) that you can use on ALL your sites. These techniques have been extensively tested by Matt and they certainly DO work.. and..all the techniques are 100% FREE.

Don’t worry if you have never done anything like this before, and don’t have the foggiest idea how to get a website to the top of Google because you can be rest assured that this course will take you through everything right from the very first step to getting a wide variety of quality links easily.

Everything is laid out in an easy to follow step-by-step video tutorial for you, kind of like having your own personal tutor as you watch over Matts shoulder and copy what he spent years learning and mastering,even if you don’t have any backlinking experience.

I use this course in conjunction with the Rapid Rewriter software and they go together hand in hand like bread does with butter.

Remember that helping hand I mentioned earlier? Well this is it and if you have problems with getting backlinks and higher search engine results then the Backlink Blueprint will definitely put you on the right track no matter what your experience.

If you want learn more about how the Backlink Blueprint can help you achieve higher rankings and how you can use it along side the Rapid Rewriter software, you can find further information here : Rapid Rewriter Software Bonus

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